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One day to go!

I am flying from Melbourne with Etihad via Abu Dhabi (6 hour morning stopover) then changing to Lufthansa at Frankfurt for 2 hour flight to Budapest. I have booked an apartment near the Danube on the Pest side for the first week. I arrive about 11pm so I’ll have to telephone for someone to meet me there and give me the keys. Hope I don’t have to stand outside in the cold for too long…

I have started to pack already. Gloves, warm jacket, thermal underwear…

I am thinking of taking a separate bag just for books, small but quite heavy. Not a very practical way to travel I know, but I can imagine doing lots of reading during the long hours of darkness.

My plan at this stage is to spend the first couple of weeks in Hungary, then travel up to Poland (bus? train?) maybe via Slovakia, visit Krakow and some other Polish towns and cities, then go east to the Ukraine (Lviv). My visa for Ukraine is valid from 1 March.


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