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Goodbye, Lenin!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

It’s nearly over. Time to say “Goodbye!”…

Goodbye to Lenin and Marx (or statues of them), goodbye to Liberty Girl, goodbye to the Danube and the High Tatras, goodbye to the Planty and the shipyards of Gdańsk , goodbye to storks and the Potemkin Steps, goodbye to mountain lakes and deep caves, goodbye to canals and gondoliers, goodbye Fernsehturm!

No. Not goodbye. See you again!

Viszontlátásra! Dovidenia! Do widzenia! Do svidaniya! Arrivederci! Auf Wiedersehen!

I will leave you with a final image before I sign off this blog. It’s connected with a theme for the trip (beer!), but is also a reminder of how things can be somehow familiar, but also very strange. I took this pic in a bar in Chernivtse, Ukraine. Maybe they have the same thing in Australia or other countries but I have never seen it. If I wanted to have a beer with a group of mates in Australia, we might buy a “jug” to share. In Chernivtse, you would order this:

Thanks to everyone for reading. Maybe we could meet up one day in Mitteleuropa. That would be awesome.



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